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The Last Outpost

Posted on 2010.11.22 at 03:22
sttng_1.04: The Last Outpost

My Synopsis:
Picard & Co. are pursuing a Ferengi ship that has stolen something from one of their outposts. They catch them near a planet in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the Enterprise loses power, is scanned, has their hard-drive hacked, and someone starts downloading all of their information - their databases, their security over-rides, their iTunes library, their illegally obtained, boot-legged copies of “True Blood”, their interracial and MILF porn, everything. Clearly, the Federation has underestimated the technological abilities of the Ferengi, and the situation gets so bad that Picard is basically ready to surrender . . . when ALL OF THE SUDDEN, the Ferengi captain hails them, concedes that the Enterprise has them right where they want them, and wants to know what he can do to satisfy their demands. This is a neat twist; that the Ferengi are in the exact same situation as the Enterprise. Picard cuts off communication as the crew tries to figure out what is really going on.
Well, what’s going on is that the planet below is the thing that’s scanning them. It was the location of portal # 63 of the Tkon empire, which ceased to exist a trillion years ago. By the time Picard lets the Ferengi know what’s going on, they’ve figured it out, too, and both parties agree to meet on the surface in order to figure out what’s going on. On the surface, the Ferengi whip out these energy whips and incapacitate the crew, but they prove no match for the battle-hardened Enterprise away team. Plus they think Tasha Yar is really hot.

There are these crystals standing around made out of either styrofoam, paper mache, or stage plaster, and the crew shoots their phasers at them. And then this guy shows up wearing a hood and carrying a staff, and he’s all wizard-like and claims to be the incarnation of portal 63, and listens to their stories, and the wizard-staff guy likes Riker more than the Ferengi because Riker is more attractive & can quote Sun Tsu, so he offers up the destruction of the Ferengi vessel. Riker says no, because then the Ferengi wouldn’t learn anything. Anyway, problem solved, cue music.

My Observations:
This is the first time anyone saw the Ferengi (they were mentioned in the pilot & never showed up in any of the movies) and overall, I give the concept a pass. Their early outfits are cheap (faux-fur vests) and their demeanor seems too rodent-like, but their ship design is cool, and anything that reminds me of Master of Orion is good in my book. I also like that the Ferengi are greedy creatures of small stature - and from the get-go, I don’t want them to be all bad. The Star Trek creators would realize this years later by making Quark a main character on Deep Space 9. They’re a perfectly valid alien race - sort of the opposite of Klingons, and with better make-up. They’re bastards, but they’re weak bastards, so you kind of feel pity for them. And who can hold their greed against them, really? Certainly not a free-market American like myself.
Early in the episode, Data plays with a Chinese finger trap, and what I started thinking was that this will serve as an analogy for the way these two ships solve their problem. I mean, if you think about it, these two ships (fingers) are trapped by an ancient power (Chinese trap) and only by slowly approaching each other with they neutralize the tractor beam. That’s where my imagination went, and I was disappointed that it didn’t happen.
Also, I have a problem with Riker’s reason for not destroying the Ferengi. Don’t kill them because then they won’t learn? Why not list the political ramifications? The fall-out that would occur between the Ferengi and the Federation, or how about just because it would be wrong? The sudden condescension is a bit out of place when you consider the values constantly being exercised throughout the rest of the series.
The Tkon Empire is not mentioned again for the rest of the series, as far as I can remember. The list of aliens that could reappear is pending.


Naked Honor

Posted on 2010.11.15 at 03:47
sttng_1.02: The Naked Now

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There's this thing called www.megavideo.com. You can go there and watch stuff for free - except you can only watch 72 minutes in a 24 hour period, after which you must wait 54 minutes to watch more. So actually, you could watch alot more minutes if in between every 72 minutes you just waited, did something else like take a bath, eat a bag of Chex Mix, or etceteras. In any event, I have started re-watching STAR TREK: The Next Generation
and have decided to keep a journal of my thoughts regarding each episode. My plan is to do this for almost every episode, which means I'll eventually have well over a hundred posts. I foresee a couple of things:

a) I'll probably review more than one episode per entry
b) I might skip an episode out of laziness/disinterest
c) I'll make it into the second season and cease with this exercise

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Way to Go!!!!!

Posted on 2009.01.28 at 01:34
Hey, all of you basking in the Hope of this new, Changing world! Check out our recent developments in the ongoing battle for civil liberties:


Tax dollars (and time) well spent! Soon we will have the Fairness Doctrine, silencing all the evil neo-cons.





More Shameful Insanity

Posted on 2008.12.22 at 17:02
Every one us who voted - and especially those of you who claim that George Bush "stole" one or both of the last two elections - should be made aware of what is going on with our Senate recount.

Check this out:


Fucking Incredible.

no smoking
Posted on 2008.12.12 at 03:19
It is becoming unreal:


This movement is like a huge, semi-sentient, alien mass of Brainless, Bleeding Heart Stupidness. That it somehow continues to strengthen and grow is both a testament to its evolutionary brilliance, and to our withering toughness - our inability to maintain and enforce important, personal principles.

I shouldn't fret, because someday soon I'll no longer have to think for myself. I will no longer be responsible for anything bad that might happen to me. Some things make life TOO HARD - and like the Horse Buggy and the Typewriter, the freedom to smoke tobacco is slotted to become this...strange thing you learn about in grade school text books; the kind of thing you see those dorks doing at places like Murphy's Landing. Boy, people used to do the oddest things! How did they manage to live that way?


What scares me is the doubt I have in myself to combat this once it threatens me. Because I should be combating it now. Write my congressman? I guess.

Thumbs up
Posted on 2008.11.05 at 02:21
it's 2:21AM and people are orgasming in the streets of Uptown.

Christ has returned, and we elected him POTUS. Somebody please Youtube dat shit.

simba is fat


Posted on 2008.09.02 at 04:36
Today was the first day of the RNC. As expected, there was an opposing rally.
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314 million Domestic, 355 million Worldwide

Posted on 2008.07.28 at 10:15

That’s how much The Dark Knight has made in 10 daysCollapse )


Imax, here we come

Posted on 2008.07.25 at 04:46
Best Picture of 2008


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